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     We at Faithful Friends In Passing ar your local professional when it comes to final care for your pet.  Ron, a Funeral Director for over 49 years has the experience and knowledge to help you during that special time of loss.  Jodi Hand-Shadley; a Columbus native hails from a loving and caring family of pet lovers.  Ronnie, our son has become an intrigal part of our service.

     We offer special Grief Literature and other information that helps kids & adults deal with the death of their pet. 

     Available to you is our premier line of memorialization products that are all offered in an economical, professional and dignified manner.

     Our facility is conveniently located and easy to find.  We are located outside of Columbus, just east of the junction of State Roads 9 & 46 in the town of Newbern.  Our service is available by appointment.

     Please accept our invitation for you to call for information, prices or to set an appointment to discuss exactly what you need in any situation.

     Our promise to you is that your Faithful Friend will be cared for in a professional and dignified manner.  Just as if they were a member of our family!


     Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.  Or call 812.376.7560~~~812.343.8514~~~812.343.5643


 We offer in our facility or by special order a full line of Precious & Semi-Precious Metal, Marble, and a variety of species of Wood urns for you to select from. 

  • Our "Personal Choice Plan" for cremation allows you to determine the urn you wish to purchase from our selection of professionally manufactured urns or you may provide your own special container.
  • You will receive fur clippings from your Faithful Friend and the poem "Old Dog or Old Cat In A Locket".  A copy of the poem "Rainbow Bridge", an actual Paw Print cast in clay from your Faithful Friend and a Cremation Certificate with the corresponding Numbered Cremation Tag for proper identification of your Faithful Friend throughout our entire process.
  • Our "Immediate Disposition Plan" would be the minimal service. At the completion of the cremation process your Faithful Friend's ashes would be held for thirty days and then scattered in a designated scattering area.
  • Also available, we have a variety of Manmade and Natural occuring Keepstones that can be professionally engraved or sandblasted with your Faithful Friend's specific information for placement in that special place of remembrance.
  • For an appointment or more information, please feel free to contact us at any number listed above or email us.  We are open your questions and interest.

Remember that "Sadness fades, but Memories linger.  Keep that special place in your heart forever of your Faithful Friend that has given you Unconditional Love!"